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Mayer Video is a unique, creative, outside of the box thinking company.  While the rest of the world loves to be on camera we LOVE to stand behind it.  To perfectly frame the moments that capture important events and life.  We strive to give our audience the vantage point and front row seat to completely bring them into your world. 

We are independent thinking creators, editors, and passionate about everything we do. At our inception we made a conscious decision to move away from the traditional and cliche things about videography.  Instead we want to give our audience an honest, clear, cinematic film that will truly connect them to the bride, presenter, actor, author, or prop.  Using the most high tech equipment available to create the illusion that there is no equipment at all and that you are right there with them. 


We started filming back in 2009 and hoped to capture a unique view that emotionally connected our audience. We cherish the documentary approach, it's organic feel, both natural and pristine. I want to believe that the films we create, are a fine blend of documentary cinematography and beautiful visuals, always coupled by either tender music or touching audio – your own words. This vision has taken us across the world, to breathtaking spots where we met amazing people and crafted for them something, that I believe will last and follow them for the rest of their lives.


For more information please send us an EMAIL we would love to hear from you.

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