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If there was a day to capture in your life it would be your wedding day.  It's the day that puts two families together and the creation of a whole new one.  It's an intimate look into your love, life, commitments, and future.  We pride ourselves on the sincerity and truthful storytelling that we bring to each and every couple.  To allow you to feel as comfortable as possible and to truly see YOU we try to blend into the background as much as possible.  We don't want you or your guests knowing that we are even there and our hope is that doing so will allow you to let us into your world and tell your story from a personal place. You can click on the packages below for a portfolio of our work.


"It's the glance, nuzzle, or kiss from the camera shy groom to his bride that you'd never think would make it to film--that is our goal. We want to show the love and attention to detail of that day in a way that maybe even you yourself have never seen."

Standard Package
Full Day Coverage 
Multiple cameras for the ceremony 
Wireless mics for audio 
3 sections: Highlights,
Ceremony, and Reception.

Online posting of Highlights

Extended Package

Full Day Coverage 

2 filmmakers -Multiple cameras for ceremony reception.

Wireless Mics for audio


4 sections: Trailer, Feature Film, Ceremony, and Reception

Custom Soundtrack for Trailer and Feature Film

Online posting of Sneak Peek and Feature Film 

Anchor 2

Standard Package

Anchor 1

Extended Package

A + B Trailer

M + M Trailer

C + J Trailer

J +B Trailer

A + B Film

M + M Film

C + J Film

J +B Film

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